In a suffering economy with unique business challenges facing all businesses, protecting a company’s image through your PR department is one of the most important directives you can have.

Compuware Detroit

Compuware Detroit

Compuware Corporation in Downtown Detroit has just announced earlier this week a round of 250 layoffs. In that same week they have announced they will hire convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, disgraced ex-mayor of Detroit. Read more here

Kilpatrick will fill an “Account Executive” position in the Dallas area for Compuware subsidiary Covisint health care division. Kilpatrick has no computer, healthcare, or sales experience. Kilpatrick has only been out of jail for two weeks, and has not been approved by his probation for transfer out of state. Kilpatrick is still under Federal Investigation regarding corruption charges throughout the Detroit area throughout his administration.

It appears that Pete Karmanos layed off his PR staff in the initial 250 earlier this week. There are many businesses that are offended by the manuver and many more who have threatened to purchase their software elsewhere.

Laying off hardworking employees and hiring felons is not good PR… Keep that in mind when you are making your plans for tightening our budget in these challenging times.

Update Feb 15: Mitch Albom Published a nice piece summing up the bad image this creates for Compuware here in the Free Press