When marketing your products and services to customers and potential clients, it is easier for your audience to digest the information through video.

For example, a simple rich media presentation of Detroit Marketing Services gives a better overview of the full scope of service without trying to explain, illustrate and capture a reader for the full content of the website. A video overview can be as effective for your business as well.

Text on a page can be misunderstood when your clients view your website or static brochure.  Interruptions inevitably happen in our busy lives, and distract from the message of the written word. Internet video can deliver an impactful message in a short investment time from your viewers.

Internet video is far more viable as more people are connected at high bandwidth, and there are easier delivery methods for your video.

Developing a professional video is not as expensive as it once was with the integration of low cost software for editing and optimizing video files, and low cost digital video equipment. While it may be tempting to grab the family video camera and film a quick company video, it is better to hire a professional. Of course we suggest Detroit Marketing Services, but shop around there are plenty of professional providers, and you should feel comfortable with whomever you choose to showcase your company.

Remember your company video is a representation of your professional service and your delivery should also be professional in appearance. While innovative for it’s time, The Blair Witch Project was nearly unwatchable for all the shaky camera angles, and amateurishness of the videography.

Once you have a video produced, the best solution for providing it on your website is youtube.com. You can create a profile on youtube to host your videos, and provide inbound links to your company website.

This technique does two things for you:

  1. It provides less load on your webserver with video files that can be embedded in your page but run off the youtube server.
  2. youtube is owned by google, the holy grail of search engines and adding content through their services, and inbound links from them to your website helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you have a new channel for telling your clients and prospects about your services promote it!