Transformers Bumblebee

While the Detroit Big Three have had their recent woes based on slumping sales, a trend that has befallen pretty much all business worldwide, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to build up some new market share. The next Transformers movie will feature GM Products heavily in the base models of the alien transformers.

While product placement has become a prevelant use of marketing products as “hip” “Cool” or simply to associate those products to other successful ventures such as television shows, movies, or collaborative advertising, sometimes it detracts from the overall coolness of the original medium.

Bullet Holes in a new Caddy

The first to come to mind would be the Matrix Movie Trilogy. Remember the first installment and that wicked 1965 Lincoln Continental they drove around in the Matrix Proper? If I had the ability to drive whatever, a ’65 continental would be close to the top of my list…

After the franchise proved successful, it was courted by our friends at GM who polluted the second and third installments with brand new cars fresh fro the showroom floor. While I found them better depicted blown to hell, and riddled with bullets, i was still offended the original Lincoln got parked somewhere.