5 hours pre-game.

5 hours.

The total play time is 1 hour.

With commercials and halftime the game may run 2.5 hours.

So total nearly 8 hours.

Now I love me some football, and I enjoy watching the new commercials. Some recap on the season, and review of Super Bowls past is necessary on the big day. But 5 hours is a little much.

Even Matt Lauer was stretching his time with Barack Obama during the pre-game interview. While it’s great to see the President of the United states of America showing some camaraderie with the average American with his “White House Non-Partisan Super Bowl Party.” But again we’re stretching here when we get into a long discussion about Obama’s Blackberry.

In the grand scheme f things, this is one of the biggest days for advertising and marketing. This pre-game is not only marketing for the NFL, but for each of the franchises, (including my 0 – 16 Lions) and their ability to draw advertising dollars in the next season.

Last night I watched a two hour special about the greatest ads of Super Bowls past building interest in Ads to the general public. Advertising is my job, and I watch ads closely to see trends, and direction in the delivery. The hype to get people paying attention to ads is cute. Many people say they watch the Super Bowl as much for the ads as the game, in truth we are conditioned to pay attention to the ads because not only is this the biggest audience for the premiere ads, but they are high dollar spots and they want to make sure we are all watching.

My friends and I bet in the first commercial after kickoff. My money is on Pepsi this year..

So enjoy the game. Relax and forget about the concerns in front of America today. Let’s enjoy a good game, and hope it’s a close one. And don’t forget to watch those ads…

And I still think this is the greatest advertisement of all times related to football. They are re-doing it this year with Troy Polamalu …