A start up marketing company in Houston, TX comprised of a father soon team wanted to showcase their viral marketing skills with a self devised campaign to use as a case study. Being good people with a heart, these fellows did something many of us would not, they opened their eyes to the crappy stuff happening around us all the time.

From a  marketing perspective, the Ascendgence Group has succeeded probably beyond what they had hoped with national attention on major news outlets. They have generated national buzz and started collecting donations from people all over the country. They have even received the “No publicity is bad publicity” criticism of homeless activist groups. Finally, their main character, Tim, Has received the gift of a 5 week rehab donation from a Sunray rehab center in Seattle, Washington.

The site: Pimp This Bum is a diary, description of Tim, and how he met the founders of the site. Since the site was launched in Mid February 2009, it has garnered worldwise attention and is already collecting donations for Tim.The site name is offensive in it’s in your face way if presenting the content.

Best Said By Kevin Dolan

“As we have worked with Tim and his friends on the street over the past two weeks I have had an awakening that I hope we can share with others through this project. We knew that the same campaign with a sincere appeal, and a website like “helpthehomeless.com,” would be ignored. We knew that if we insulted people’s sensitivity or appealed to their humor – on a subject as sensitive as this we would get their attention. Then when they came to the site to see what a horrible thing or funny thing we were doing, they would immediately be introduced to Tim Edwards. They would quickly see a warm funny, sensitive, intelligent homeless human being. Someone they could relate to – someone they would like.”

As a marketing professional here in Detroit, I’m keenly aware of the challenges of homelessness, and am moved by the efforts to bring this to public light through their site.

Detroit Marketing Services and IsThisMarketing.com salute the Dolans and Ascendgence. We’ll be making a donation, won’t you?