There are multiple types of marketing. One of the often forgotten audiences is your internal group.

Business owners have a responsibility to communicate to their employees, letting them know what is happening in the company, and what the company offers the employees.

The first communication to your employees starts before they are even hired in the recruiting process.

I only bring this up because a funny thing happened yesterday.. I received an e-mail from a business owner who found my resume on the recruitment site. I have no idea how, it’s only muddled together with a zillion other resume’s neglected over the past 5 years.

This was funny because the recruitment message asked if I was interested in an internship position 45 miles from my home, which was “A great learning opportunity.”

First the message was timid asking if I was interested in the position. It should have been assertive, telling me the position was available and they were interested in reviewing my qualifications.

However, they obviously weren’t interested in knowing anything about my qualifications. Had they researched the resume I went and looked at on the site, they would have seen that y 20+ years in marketing precludes me from unpaid internships.

I sent the recruiter an e-mail telling him as much and thanked him for reading my resume so thoroughly.

His reply, “I’m sure your quick with will take you far.”

I certainly hope this company takes better care in the rest of their business operations than they do in their recruiting process.