Marketing has a tough time in business especially in a tough economy. I certainly know from experience that marketing is usually the first thing cut when things get tough, or after a successful system is set in place. Marketing is a talent, and an necessary part of business. I was reminded of this today while reading the morning Dilbert Comic Strip (a morning ritual here at Detroit Marketing Services)

Certainly there is a lot of soul robbing that goes on in any office environment, and marketing is no exception. Unfortunately, marketing usually takes the brunt of the jokes as we are frequently misunderstood, or the least valued aspect of a business process. While corporate communications and development of advertising can be an exercise in half truths, it is essential.

That being said, enjoy the comic, but remember that cutting your advertising and marketing budget cuts into your profit margin. If customers or clients are unaware of your product, features, services, or improvements, news etc, then you are less likely to sell any of them.

Remember every communication is marketing.