While I was awaiting my mighty New Orleans Saints to take the field in SuperBowl XLIV, during the unending pre-game coverage we saw a “sit down” interview with Katie Couric and Barack Obama. My compatriate asked, “why is he on the pre-game?”

What a great question.

What a disappointing commentary on American politics.

President Obama had just finished his state of the union address to the American Public on 9 networks a week earlier, yet it was necessary for him to build support for his presidency and platform through a controlled interview on the Superbowl pre-game. Why? Because more people would see it.

Just like the premium price demanded by networks for ad time during the Superbowl the reason is audience size. This Superbowl was watched by the largest television audience ever!

This sit down interview allowed Obama to re-iterate his message to a larger audience than the State of the Union address and in a more “everyman” delivery than the podium and suit delivery in front of Congress. Let’s face it, Obama’s marketing team is clever, and sharp at getting his message out to voters keeping his message and concerns in the forefront. It doesn’t hurt to recruit Katie Couric to softball the “questions” and make it look like and interview.

I think it’s a very successful subtle marketing technique to bring his message to a wider audience, since that is what all marketers are trying to do, tell their story to a wide audience of people who need/want/should know the information. This was the grandest stage and perfect veil to make it seem like he was speaking directly to this American generation. I know very few people in my age bracket that would watch the State of the Union, and none in younger years who could be bothered.

Bravo Mr. President. Now if you could only follow through on campaign promises as effectively as you eloquently market your message.