Google, the search super power, ventured into the realm of broadcast advertising at the Super Bowl in 2010. While Google already owns the Lions Share of online search, they may not be the strongest in advertising, or are they?

Brand advertising is relatively unseen during the superbowl where most ads are focused on product, Google told a person’s life story through search terminology and simple computer screen captures throughout their 52 second bit. The story of a man in Paris finding love, a job, and a family through the search engine may be one of the best told stories in an unconventional manner.

Brand advertising, is marketing, creating company awareness. While Google doesn’t need to secure my allegiance (it is the Detroit Marketing Services, home page, ad delivery system, web analytics, and virtual online collaboration system) they have left an indelible mark in our marketing minds, and we hope that it adds to the strength of their product and search dominance.