While the intent of this blog is never to be political, I am moved to address the actions of Senator Carl Levin.

I sent feedback through his website regarding my concerns regarding policy. To be short I disagree. In follow up, I have been receiving a number of e-mails on policy that are contrary to my views and do not address my concerns regarding the policy.

When you set up a tool to collect customer feedback on your website or through a third party system, Please use this information as it should be intended. If you want to engage your customers then address their exact points and discuss them logically. If there is a disagreement make sure that you address them correctly and explain your position or product.service direction.

Plain blanket form mails that disregard your feedback from the customer will lead them to vote otherwise on your product or service. In this case Senator Levin may be playing with his career. In your case you may be playing with your success.

On the other hand I have a client who has looked to gather customer feedback based on their performance as the customer sees the, They have implemented a plan to increase customer service and address specific customer concerns based on this feedback. So far the customers and client have found success in increasing their service and sales to existing customers.

If you need help developing a customer feedback solution to better serve your customers, feel free to contact Detroit Marketing Services.