Detroit Marketing Services recently relocated to North Florida as Modern Marketing. While I expected to have some client flight with my relocation, the majority of my great clients stuck with me and support my move to an economic climate with more  sunshine.

Professional CourtesyI understand completely that some clients would prefer a local provider, and wish them the best with their new maarketing companies, I was taken aback by one I worked with in the transfer of my client’s website.

When I first spoke with the new web host and developer I was immediately concerned as he was telling me a completely different story than my client had told me.. but whatever the case may be, the client has made their decision, and I feel no need to be confrontational with the competition nor the client.

A week later the host called me and was asking some questions about the e-mail accounts, it turns out that he never bothered to set the client up with e-mail and a weeks worth of web contact forms have been sending to electronic limbo… I’m still a little miffed that my client got shafted on this, however, still not my plce to say anything to the client. Here’s where I couldn’t believe my ears!

The new service provider started griping to me about the communication barrier between him and the client.. O.K. Now you already stole food off my table, and I’m still trying to help in the interest of the client, but you have the professional discourtesy of bad mouthing the client to me?

Remember, no matter who you are talking to, in whatever channel, you are doing marketing. From a professional standpoint this web designer in Michigan has lost my respect as a professional, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m pretty laid back when it comes to professionalism.