Aquent Marketing Salary SurveyLast month Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA) released a comprehensive marketing  salary survey with robust search capabilities for those of us with interest in the industry.

While online surveys have a tendency to be over inflated as the respondents are likely to inflate their numbers not only to increase their personal importance but also to drive up the “expected industry average” this survey does shed some interesting information.

First off, I’m not charging enough.

Additionally, companies that are still employing their marketing department are paying for what they are getting. there are unfortunately a number of companies out there that are reducing their staff and salaries while demanding better marketing  results and measurables.

As we see this large cost to companies to have a staff onsite, there is a larger number of companies that have moved to the outsourced model. Many companies find that paying on a per project basis, or outsourcing web hosting and management at a fixed rate is significantly cheaper than having a full time marketing staff.

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