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Superbowl Ad Pricing

Prices for ads in this years Superbowl have been reduced by nearly 17%, that reduction has helped the network sell more ads this year than last year. However, the discount reflects the reality of marketing in this day and age with the recession, even marketers, companies, and advertisers are looking for deals, despite the recurring […]

Every Outbound Channel is Marketing

Every time you interface with your customers or clients you are marketing whether you like it or not. If you have members of your team making these interactions they need to be informed that these communications must be representative of the company and basically, you don’t want to appear stupid. Recently I had three examples […]

Marketing Detroit

The good folks at Time have set up shop here in Detroit and are covering the city for a year with the innovative “Assignment Detroit” While the project is intended to give the rest of the nation a better understanding of the City of Detroit aside from the misconception portrayed in the mass media during […]


There are multiple types of marketing. One of the often forgotten audiences is your internal group. Business owners have a responsibility to communicate to their employees, letting them know what is happening in the company, and what the company offers the employees. The first communication to your employees starts before they are even hired in […]

Innovative Technology

For those of us who have been a slave to the cubicle either in the present or past, we all have a certain affinity for Dilbert. Scott Adams has a unique way of clearly pointing to the ridiculousness that is corporate bureaucracy. Well Scott has come across an actual business venture paired with Dilbert.. A […]

Not a hand out, a hand up

A start up marketing company in Houston, TX comprised of a father soon team wanted to showcase their viral marketing skills with a self devised campaign to use as a case study. Being good people with a heart, these fellows did something many of us would not, they opened their eyes to the crappy stuff […]

Improve your message – Using video on your website

When marketing your products and services to customers and potential clients, it is easier for your audience to digest the information through video. For example, a simple rich media presentation of Detroit Marketing Services gives a better overview of the full scope of service without trying to explain, illustrate and capture a reader for the […]

Is This Marketing?

Is this marketing is a tool for reviewing the latest developments in marketing and reviewing ways to leverage existing techniques to maximize your business and brand identity. This blog will be focused on ways to improve your relationships with existing and potential clients. Our posts on Is This Advertising are a little more fun in […]