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Professional Courtesy

Detroit Marketing Services recently relocated to North Florida as Modern Marketing. While I expected to have some client flight with my relocation, the majority of my great clients stuck with me and support my move to an economic climate with more  sunshine. I understand completely that some clients would prefer a local provider, and […]

Listen to Feedabck

While the intent of this blog is never to be political, I am moved to address the actions of Senator Carl Levin. I sent feedback through his website regarding my concerns regarding policy. To be short I disagree. In follow up, I have been receiving a number of e-mails on policy that are contrary to […]

Marketing's Bad Rap

Marketing has a tough time in business especially in a tough economy. I certainly know from experience that marketing is usually the first thing cut when things get tough, or after a successful system is set in place. Marketing is a talent, and an necessary part of business. I was reminded of this today while […]

Presidential Marketing

While I was awaiting my mighty New Orleans Saints to take the field in SuperBowl XLIV, during the unending pre-game coverage we saw a “sit down” interview with Katie Couric and Barack Obama. My compatriate asked, “why is he on the pre-game?” What a great question. What a disappointing commentary on American politics. President Obama […]

Every Outbound Channel is Marketing

Every time you interface with your customers or clients you are marketing whether you like it or not. If you have members of your team making these interactions they need to be informed that these communications must be representative of the company and basically, you don’t want to appear stupid. Recently I had three examples […]

Marketing Detroit

The good folks at Time have set up shop here in Detroit and are covering the city for a year with the innovative “Assignment Detroit” While the project is intended to give the rest of the nation a better understanding of the City of Detroit aside from the misconception portrayed in the mass media during […]


There are multiple types of marketing. One of the often forgotten audiences is your internal group. Business owners have a responsibility to communicate to their employees, letting them know what is happening in the company, and what the company offers the employees. The first communication to your employees starts before they are even hired in […]

Not a hand out, a hand up

A start up marketing company in Houston, TX comprised of a father soon team wanted to showcase their viral marketing skills with a self devised campaign to use as a case study. Being good people with a heart, these fellows did something many of us would not, they opened their eyes to the crappy stuff […]

Improve your message – Using video on your website

When marketing your products and services to customers and potential clients, it is easier for your audience to digest the information through video. For example, a simple rich media presentation of Detroit Marketing Services gives a better overview of the full scope of service without trying to explain, illustrate and capture a reader for the […]

How Not to Manage Public Relations

In a suffering economy with unique business challenges facing all businesses, protecting a company’s image through your PR department is one of the most important directives you can have. Compuware Corporation in Downtown Detroit has just announced earlier this week a round of 250 layoffs. In that same week they have announced they will hire […]