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Someone else realizes (dares to say out loud) that the rush for “Content Marketing” has been a lot of bluster with very little in results… So many people want to pitch or engage or relate to, or … you get it.. insert ridiculous way to connect your product with disparate audiences with random postings in […]

Presidential Marketing

While I was awaiting my mighty New Orleans Saints to take the field in SuperBowl XLIV, during the unending pre-game coverage we saw a “sit down” interview with Katie Couric and Barack Obama. My compatriate asked, “why is he on the pre-game?” What a great question. What a disappointing commentary on American politics. President Obama […]

Super Bowl 2010 & Google

Google, the search super power, ventured into the realm of broadcast advertising at the Super Bowl in 2010. While Google already owns the Lions Share of online search, they may not be the strongest in advertising, or are they? Brand advertising is relatively unseen during the superbowl where most ads are focused on product, Google […]

Product Placement

While the Detroit Big Three have had their recent woes based on slumping sales, a trend that has befallen pretty much all business worldwide, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to build up some new market share. The next Transformers movie will feature GM Products heavily in the base models of the alien […]