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Marketing's Bad Rap

Marketing has a tough time in business especially in a tough economy. I certainly know from experience that marketing is usually the first thing cut when things get tough, or after a successful system is set in place. Marketing is a talent, and an necessary part of business. I was reminded of this today while […]

Superbowl Ad Pricing

Prices for ads in this years Superbowl have been reduced by nearly 17%, that reduction has helped the network sell more ads this year than last year. However, the discount reflects the reality of marketing in this day and age with the recession, even marketers, companies, and advertisers are looking for deals, despite the recurring […]

Super Bowl Coverage 2009

5 hours pre-game. 5 hours. The total play time is 1 hour. With commercials and halftime the game may run 2.5 hours. So total nearly 8 hours. Now I love me some football, and I enjoy watching the new commercials. Some recap on the season, and review of Super Bowls past is necessary on the […]